The Commonwealth Courts Portal 2018 release has been launched. The release introduces new features that improve eFiling for practitioners and self-represented litigants.

Unguided enhancement a bonus for practitioners

The new ‘unguided’ process saves practitioners valuable time by allowing precedent forms to be uploaded in the Portal as PDFs with minimal data input required.

Another popular enhancement for practitioners is that they are now able to eFile many more family law forms, significantly reducing the need to queue and file at a registry.

You can now:

  • lodge more documents, including application/response types, via a direct upload process with significantly reduced data re-entry

  • lodge fee reductions and exemption (for financial hardship) applications

  • upload correspondence related to your matter

  • outline special considerations including safety, urgency, interpreter requests and/or other practical assistance for court events, such as a hearing loop

  • upload documents up to 30MB in size (original limit was 10MB), and

  • lodge Parenting Orders seeking Family Dispute Resolution exemptions.


Are you ready?

If you aren’t already registered for the Portal, visit for step-by-step guides to registering and linking to your files, so you can start experiencing the benefits of eFiling today.

More information

Information and supporting material is available at and

You can also follow the courts on Twitter @FamilyCourtAU and @FedCctCourtAU for links to the latest news and information.