Icon of person wearing a headset

Use a headset or headphones which have a microphone to improve audio quality. If you do not, and you have the volume on your device’s speakers turned up it may be picked up by your microphone and cause an echo for other participants.

Icon of a lamp

Ensure you are located in a quiet, distraction free location with good lighting and minimal background noise. Use an appropriate camera angle and background to your video.

Icon of headphones

Ensure your microphone is muted to limit the interference of background noise when you are not speaking.

Icon of a laptop

Ensure devices are fully charged before your court event, and have the charger handy nearby. Videoconferencing can drain the battery of devices quickly.  

Icon of a bell

Prior to the event, close all programs which are not needed and silence all notifications.

Icon of an ethernet connection port

If you are experiencing significant connectivity issues while connected to Wi-Fi, switch to a wired connection by plugging an ethernet cable from your device into your modem.

Icon of a speed test

Check your internet speed prior to the court event starting. You may need to move closer to your Wi-Fi router for a better connection. If possible, turn off all streaming services whilst participating in your court event.

Icon of a phone handset

If you are unable to join via video, or if your video display is freezing, make sure you have the telephone dial-in number and conference ID on hand, which may be found in the Microsoft Teams invitation.

Icon of a tick

From within Microsoft Teams device settings, use the ‘Make a test call’ prior to your event to ensure your device, equipment and connectivity are working properly.

Icon of an exclaimation mark

If you lose connection to a Microsoft Teams hearing, wait whilst Microsoft Teams tries to reconnect. If the connection fails, leave the meeting and use the same link to try and connect again.