9 February 2006

Public help is being sought to find a three-year-old girl who has not seen her father since July this year.

Aaliyah Kachina Kinny hasn't seen her father since last July, despite a court order stating the three-year-old should live with him.

Police have asked the public to help find Aaliyah, who is believed to be with her mother, Jane Kinny (also known as Vivien Kinny) and her 13-year-old half-sister, Aurora Kinny. They are probably accompanied by two small white maltese cross poodles.

"I haven't seen nor heard from Aaliyah since early July 2005, when she didn't return from a contact visit with her mother," Aaliyah's father said.

"Since losing Aaliyah I haven't been able to concentrate, work or organise my life.  I've been affected mentally, emotionally and physically. I'm always looking for her. Every time the phone rings I hope it will be good news telling me where she is and that I can go and get her, but there is nothing."

He has appealed to anyone who has seen Aaliyah or Jane to contact Crime Stoppers with information as to their whereabouts.

"I live in New South Wales, but I've been to West Australia and back searching. The police now think that she may be back in New South Wales and that her mother has changed her name to avoid police," he said.

"I'm so worried my little girl is going to live her life hiding from authority. What kind of life is that for a child? What will happen when she is sick, or needs to go to school?"

Aaliyah was born on 25 May 2002. She has blond hair, blue eyes and a slim build. Jane Kinny, 47 (born on 3 July 1958), is about 160 cm tall, with blue eyes and slim build. Her hair is currently believed to be brown or red.

A recovery order has been issued authorising all members of the Australian Federal Police, State and Territory police forces and the Marshal of the Family Court to recover the child.

Anyone who has information about the whereabouts of Aaliyah or Jane Kinny should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Important notes for media:

  1. Photographs of Aaliyah and Jane are available from the Family Court web site at www.familycourt.gov.au under the missing children section.
  2. A Section 121 Publication Order under the Family Law Act 1975 has been made to allow publication and broadcast of the above information. To ensure that media outlets are not in breach of the provisions of the publication order, the wording of this release should not be changed.