In an excellent example of jurisdictions working in partnership for the benefit of clients, the Family Law Courts are trialling a new service delivery option for federal law clients.

From March 1, Family Law Courts’ registries in Dandenong, Newcastle, Parramatta and Townsville will accept general federal law documents for the Federal Court and Federal Magistrates Court, with or without payment. This trial will give clients in rural and regional areas the benefit of greater access to filing services.

The trial has two phases. In phase one, clients and the legal profession will be able to give documents to a Family Law Courts’ client service officer, with or without payment. The officer will give a written acknowledgement and send the documents by overnight mail to the nearest Federal Court for processing. (The Federal Court provides registry services for the Federal Magistrates Court’s general federal law documents.)
In phase two, it is anticipated the Family Law Courts’ registries may provide full filing services to the other courts. Filed documents will be checked for compliance, fees will be accepted and receipts provided. The file will be created and sent to the appropriate court.

The service means clients will no longer need to travel to Federal Court registries in major cities to lodge documents. It will also make better use of existing Commonwealth resources, technology and infrastructure.

If the trial is successful, the service may be extended to other Family Law Courts’ registries.



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