17 June 2008

The Commonwealth Courts Portal was launched today by the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, at the Commonwealth Law Courts building in Melbourne.

A first in Australia, the Portal is a single entry point to access secure web-based information about cases before any one of the three courts.

“The Portal will make life so much easier for lawyers – they will be able to keep track of their cases, including documents filed and future events, as well as outcomes and orders made from their office”, Chief Justice of the Family Court Diana Bryant said today.

It was made possible when all three courts adopted Casetrack, a case management system developed by the Family Court, and shared the infrastructure on which the system is based.

“In the future, the Portal will be a platform for the delivery of a range of other integrated e-services including lodging documents and applications on line,” Acting Chief Justice of the Federal Court Peter Gray said.

Services planned for the future include providing individuals with secure access to their information and the ability to attend hearings electronically with all the necessary information available in the one environment.

“For a court that seeks to provide access to justice to all Australians regardless of their geographic location, the Portal will significantly benefit people in rural and regional areas who will no longer have to travel to a registry or engage agents in the city to file their court documents,” Chief Federal Magistrate John Pascoe added.

Legal practitioners, through their firm, will be able to search for information in any of the three courts and have a view of the information which is specifically designed to suit the needs of the user, all through a single user ID and password.

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