4 April 2008

A young employees’ advisory group has been established in the Family Court of Australia to contribute to achieving best practice within the Court.

“In the spirit of Youth Week, the Court has empowered its young staff members to ‘shout’ and ‘share’ and enrich our workplace”, Richard Foster, CEO of the Family Court, said.

“Sometimes young people feel they need to shout to be heard and to have their ideas taken seriously. In the Family Court, we have given them a voice.

“We have invited young people in our court to share their ideas and experiences in order to gain a youth perspective on certain issues.

“I expect the advisory group to make recommendations which will affect other young staff members as well as young people who are involved in cases before the court. “

All staff members aged 25 or less were invited to nominate and six were selected to represent:

  • the large registries of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
  • the medium sized registries of Adelaide and Parramatta
  • the small registries of Canberra, Newcastle, Townsville/Cairns, Hobart/Launceston, Darwin/Alice Springs and Dandenong
  • the National Enquiry Centre and
  • the National Support Office.

“The idea is to engage the thinking and ideas of the Court’s young employees and to harness their enthusiasm as we strive to implement best practice.

“I am very much looking forward to working with these young people, seeing what they come up with and working out how to implement their ideas.

“The Chief Justice, the Honourable Diana Bryant, joins me in congratulating these six young people on being selected for this innovative group and wishing them well for the year ahead”, Mr Foster said.