On 30 October 2012 the Family Court of Australia made orders allowing the publication of limited details to assist in the recovery of Annaleise Harris-Edwards.

This statement is to advise the media that Annaleise has been recovered and that no further publication is permitted, other than what is outlined in Court Orders made yesterday, 28 November 2012. Those orders state:

  1. That the media outlets that have previously reported this matter be entitled to publish the fact that the child, Annaleise Grace Harris-Edwards born 20 December 2007, has been recovered pursuant to orders of this Court and has been returned to her father.
  2. That the Court acknowledges the assistance of the media in achieving this result.
  3. That the media shall not publish any photograph nor show any footage of the child’s recovery.
  4. That no interview by any member of the media with either parent shall be published.


Media enquiries:

Denise Healy, Media & Public Affairs Manager, Family Court of Australia
Ph: 03 86004357 or denise.healy@familycourt.gov.au