Fugitive mother of two, Cassie Watter, remains on the run more than a week after she is believed to have abducted her twin daughters from their Townsville primary school. By now, she could quite literally be anywhere in Australia.

The suspected abduction is unlawful and in breach of Family Court orders which Ms Watter consented to and asked the Court to make less than a year ago.

It is inevitable that someone has seen the trio in their travels, and may even know their present whereabouts. Any assistance knowingly provided to a criminal to avoid punishment is itself a serious crime.

The girls are non-identical twins - Bronte Watter and Isabella Watter (DOB 4 January 2007).

They were last seen at about 8.40am on Friday 4 April at the Hermit Park Primary School at Townsville, Queensland.  Their father is deeply concerned and desperately seeking public help.

Cassie (Catherine Lee) Watter  is 41-years-old (DOB 3 October 1972) and described as Caucasian, about 163cm tall, weighing about 90kg, with dark brown hair. She sometimes has a red molar facial rash.

Bronte Watter has light brown bob-cut hair, blue eyes, 100cm in height and weighs about 23kg. Isabella Watter is described as having light brown should-length hair, blue eyes, 95cm in height and weighs about 21kg.

This media release is prepared with the assistance of Dillon Lawyers, representing the father, and is subject to a publication order made by the Family Court on 10 April 2014.  This complies with the requirements of the section 121 publication order under the Family Law Act 1975.

Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of Bronte Watter and Isabella Watter should contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000

Information provided to Crimestoppers can be made anonymously

Important notes for media:

1 photographs of the children and mother are available from the Family Law Courts website at www.familylawcourts.gov.au under the Family Court missing children section.

2 A section 121 Publication Order under the Family Law Act 1975 has been made to allow publication and broadcast of the above information.  To ensure that media outlets are not in breach of the provisions of the publication order details on this release should not be changed.

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