In any matter in which a party is subjected to a restraint imposed by an interim or interlocutory injunction (whether such imposition is ex parte, by consent or otherwise) the party having the benefit of the restraint may be required to give to the Court an undertaking to be called `the usual undertaking as to damages' in the following terms:

The applicant or respondent (as the case may be) personally (or by his/her counsel/solicitor) undertakes to the court to abide by any order the court may make as to damages in case the court should hereafter be of the opinion that the respondent or applicant (as the case may be) shall have sustained any such damage by reason of this order which the applicant or the respondent (as the case may be) ought to pay.

Practice Direction 1990/2, 8 February 1990, issued by 
the Hon. Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson AO RFD